welcome to the nametab. this is a place where various projects - paid and recreational, old and new - will be documented. guides written for friends and other miscellaneous things that might be worth publishing will be published here. mostly it exists for my own edification and amusement.

nametab.org, nametab.co.uk, nametab.co and nametab.info should get you here.

project: (hardware) front panel temperature sensor and process monitor - CNC plasma case mod

project: (software) front panel temperature sensor and process monitor - Python/GPIO/nmap/htop/ntop/ssh

project: low power, ultra-low budget ESXi vSphere cluster

guide: manual fan control for 11th and 12th generation Dell PowerEdge servers

guide: filtering an individual application's audio in real time using OBS

guide: retrieving a lost device from a different subnet using Windows

dubious advice: handling cryptocurrency in 2023

project: adding USB-C charging to the original Nokia 3310

project: adding desktop display outputs with minimal cost and PCI-Express lane consumption

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